Save Time and Money with our new Technology.  The Instascope produces immediate mold testing results  No more waiting for weeks for results from an offsite laboratory.  Ours is the only Company in the State of Hawaii to offer the Instascope for mold testing.


Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral.   During the 1950's to the 1970's it was used as a common building material, such as in "popcorn" ceilings.   It has been determined that breathing asbestos particles that separate from the product, can be a health hazard.  It is highly recommended that asbestos be removed from indoor environments.

Our Company is Licensed in the State of Hawaii to provide asbestos removal services.

renovation and repair

Lead based paint removal

Lead Based paint was used in homes until it was banned in 1978.   Many older homes contain lead based paint.  It has been determined that breathing lead particles from cracked paint can be a health hazard.  It is highly recommended that lead based paint be removed. 

Our Company is Licensed in the State of Hawaii to provide lead based paint removal.

mold remediation

Mold remediation includes both the identification of mold growth as well as the steps needed to correctly remove safely and effectively and dispose of mold material.

Our company is IICRC and ACAC Certified for Remediation and Restoration services.

Mold should not be disturbed or "wiped off" as that action will likely disperse mold spores and result in additional cleaning and more costly mold remediation.

Our Company is a Licensed General Contractor in the State of Hawaii and has over 25 years of experience in residential construction, repair and remodeling


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